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Disney Resort Hopping

animalkingdomlodgeSo, you book a Disney vacation and you are staying at a value or moderate resort but you are curious just what other resorts have to offer.  Well I have an answer for this – Disney resort hopping.  My wife and I have done this numerous times and it is always a lot of fun to look around other resorts that Disney has to offer.  This is easiest if you are staying at a Disney resort already.  Simply take a bus to Downtown Disney and then jump onto a bus headed to the resort that you want to visit and they will deliver you to the main entrance of that resort.  Then spend some time checking out the resort (gift shop, restaurant, playground, etc) and when you are ready to return back to your resort just back on a bus to Downtown Disney.

In case you are wondering this is not against any rules and won’t get you into trouble.  In fact, the folks at Disney want you to check out other areas in hopes that you will find another resort to plan your next Disney trip to.

The last time we resort hopped we spent the afternoon at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  This was a resort that we had always wanted to stay at but the price tag was a bit on the high side.  It was a great experience to spend some time there and we really enjoyed the different style restaurants.

Resort hopping is a great way to spend a ‘day off’ from the hustle of Disney Parks.  We always advocate building in these ‘days off’ especially if you are traveling with young kids who probably won’t be able to handle a Disney park everyday.  This also allows you to save some money in the process.

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  2. Jason Smith

    No – Disney restricts resort pool usage to only guests staying at that particular resort.

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