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Disney Resorts Overview

One of the biggest decisions that a Disney trip planner must make is where exactly to stay during their vacation.  This task alone can be very overwhelming as there are numerous options available.  This section provides an overview of the available Disney resorts and should be a good starting point as you begin researching which resort is the best fit for your family (and your budget).

Tip: One major thing to keep in mind is the amount of time (or lack thereof) you are actually going to spend at your resort.  We have had Disney vacations where we only went to our resort just to sleep.  We would get to the theme parks at 8:00 AM and stay until 9:00 PM.  Get back to the resort (exhausted) around 10:00 PM and fall asleep.  My point being that staying at a higher end resort may sound like a nice option but would be a waste of money if you only use it as a sleeping quarters. 

Disney resorts are broken down into three tiers: Value, Moderate and Deluxe. 

Value Resorts:

disney-s-art-of-animationIncludes (5) Resorts: All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, All-Star Sports, Pop Century, Art of Animation (Little Mermaid section only)

Value resorts are a good fit for those families on a strict budget and families with young children.  They are themed with kids in mind and offer lots of amenities/activities for families to enjoy during their vacation. 

Price: $96-120 per night (although I have seen promotional offers as low as $79 during non-peak times – check here to see what Disney is offering right now).

Pros: cheap rates, children focused amenities, fantastic theming, free bus transportation to parks/downtown

Cons: small rooms, limited food choices, lots of small children, tend to be very crowded during peak travel times

Moderate Resorts:

Includes (4) Resorts: Port Orleans – French Quarter, Port Orleans – Riverside, Coronado Springs, Caribbean Beach

Moderate resorts are priced just slightly higher than the Value Resorts.  They are themed more with adults in mind – although there is still plenty for kids to do.  These resorts are a good fit for adult travelers or families with children ages 10 and older.   

Price: $170-190 per night (check here for current promotional offers)

Pros: fewer children (compared to Value Resorts), slightly larger rooms, larger resort setting (less cramped), free bus/boat transportation to parks/downtown, great adult theming

Cons: cost (especially if you are on a tight budget), less children amenities/activities    

Deluxe Resorts:

Grand-Floridian-ResortIncludes (8) Resorts: Grand Floridian, Contemporary, Polynesian, Boardwalk, Yacht Club, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Wilderness Lodge, Beach Club

Deluxe resorts are the top tier of resorts offered by Disney.  They are beautifully themed and offer the highest levels of amenities.  These resorts are a good fit for families not concerned about their budget who want to experience the ‘finer’ things Disney has to offer. 

Price: $300-500 per night (check here for current promotional offers)

Pros: highest level amenities, greater transportation options (monorail, boat, bus), larger rooms, “home away from home” suites that can accommodate large groups/families, access to dinner shows, greater food choices

Cons: price, less children amenities/activities   

More information about each of these Disney Resorts can be found here.


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