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Disney Park Tickets

disney ticketsDisney tickets are a major expense to your trip but there are a few ways to save money.  First, ticket prices usually go up, on average, once per year.  In 1971 when Disney World opened a park ticket costs $3.50 – now the current price for an adult day pass is $95.  If you are planning on staying off Disney property then you can buy your tickets through several different websites found in the resources page.  Be aware that the ticket pricing can be confusing.  There are numerous ‘options’ available for Disney tickets which can make them even more expensive (park hopper passes, no expiration date passes, etc).  Take some time to learn these options to see if you actually need them before throwing your money away.

If you are staying on Disney property and then it is usually best to get your tickets directly through Disney and save a few dollars with a ‘package deal’.

Don’t automatically assume that you need a pass for every day of your stay.  If you are getting a Disney resort package they will try and sell you on a ‘length of stay pass’ which basically gives you a day pass for every day of your stay.  This is great if you can handle going to a park EVERY day.  Sound easy but, especially for families with young kids, sometimes it’s nice to have days set aside to just sit by the pool and chill.  It can also save you some big money to spend only a few days in the parks rather than every day.  For example currently a (2) day Disney ticket with no options is $184 (or $736 for a family of 4). A (4) day Disney ticket with park hopping option is $359 each (or $1,436 for a family of 4). This is a huge difference especially if you are on a tight budget.  It is for these reasons that we strongly advocate adding ‘days off’ into your Disney trip which will allow you to do things such as Resort Hop, Downtown Disney and Disney’s Boardwalk all of which are FREE.

Tip – If you buy ‘paper’ tickets before your trip make a photo copy of the back of each ticket.  If they are lost or stolen you will need the info on the back of the ticket to get them replaced.

Tip – Ask for Disney gift cards for x-mas and birthdays (especially if you have kids).  These can be applied towards the purchase of park tickets and resort packages.


Tip – If you use Disney gift cards to purchase tickets or a resort package SAVE THE USED CARDS.  If you need to cancel your trip for any reason they will refund each card.  If you throw them away you will be out of luck!

Tip – Another savings technique we have used is purchasing ‘Disney Dollars’ from our local Disney Store.  These are cool Disney currency that can be used at any Disney location.  There is no fee to buy them and they don’t expire.  Aside from the novelty, this can be a good way to save money to put towards your trip.  Also, kids LOVE to get money with their favorite characters on them.  Click the link below to learn more about Disney Dollars,





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