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Make a Disney Itinerary



Going to Disney World (especially for the first time) can be an overwhelming experience.  Most people don’t realize just how big Disney World is and just how much there is to do.  Disney World has (4) theme parks, (2) water parks, over (20) resorts and covers an area 40 square miles!  Disney has over 62,000 employees making it the largest single site employer in the country.  Needless to say there is A LOT to do and only so much time to do it in.  Here are some tips:

Do some homework BEFORE you get to Disney to decide what attractions are highest priority to see.  There are books and websites that can help you with this – see my resources page for details.  Keep in mind that you more than likely won’t have time to see everything especially if you are traveling with young kids.  Making an itinerary will help you during your vacation but you need to be flexible to your families needs.

Make sure your children meet the height requirements for attractions before you get them to the ride and find out they can’t ride – been there, done that…

If traveling with young children set reasonable goals for each day.  Know that they may need time to rest and may move at their own ‘pace’.  Nothing worse than watching a parent try to force their children to ‘enjoy themselves’ when they have quite obviously had enough and need a break.  Expecting your children to last from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM is unrealistic and will only lead to frustration.  Sometimes it’s best to take a day off and enjoy the resort pool – you are on vacation after all!

If your children are little do yourself a favor and get/bring/rent a stroller.  It is estimated that while on a Disney vacation you will walk an average of 10-15 miles PER DAY.  Even if your kids are ‘older’ and don’t normally use a stroller they may not be able to keep up this kind of pace.  Plan ahead…

Finally, wear comfortable shoes made for walking!!  Don’t get blisters the first day of your vacation and regret it for the remainder of your trip.  Remember you will be walking more than you probably are used to – again, plan ahead..


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