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Staying Off Disney Property

disneyoffsite-300x223Orlando is full of rental property that make renting a condo / house an easy and cost effective option especially for larger families.  In October we are headed to Disney and will be staying in a 5 bedroom / 4 bath house with its own pool and game room and it is costing us $699 plus taxes.  Now, you need to beware of house rental scams and go through a trusted website such as to ensure you are getting what you pay for.  We found our house rental through a family friend and have stayed there before and love it!  It is nice to have the extra space that staying in a Disney resort just doesn’t offer.  It also gives you the flexibility to grocery shop for food rather than eating out every night as well (see food section for further info).

Pros (+) to Staying off Disney Property – Much cheaper especially for large families, more space, lower food prices (grocery store), more food options, increased access to amenities not Disney related (Universal Studios, Dinner Shows, Etc).

Cons (-) to Staying off Disney Property – Need to rent a car, pay for parking, challenge of getting around (navigating to and from parks), can’t use Disney transportation, lack of Disney themed resort amenities, may lack the “Disney” feel – no characters for children to interact with.


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